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The private markets are always developing, and new areas are created, and then they can fall in the space of just a few years. With this kind of fluidity it isn’t easy to determine and monitor the most promising areas of the future. Our analysts have devised a method to

Define and classify


emerging spaces

. In this article we will take a look at modular construction as just one instance of a sector which is rapidly taking off.

Modular construction is what it sounds like?

Modular construction is a method that involves the use of whole or partial elements of commercial and residential structures are manufactured offsite and then put together on site. Prefabricated structures, also known as “volumetric modules,” cover many forms such as affordable housing, schools, and even office buildings that are fully-scale.

While the practice was first introduced in the 1930s and was a part of the 3,000 units that were built to support the Manhattan Project, it’s experiencing an enormous revival, due to technological advancements as well as design capabilities and the logistics of delivery.

The principal benefit of the modular method is that it operates in a controlled factory environment, utilizing highly skilled machines and expert craftsmen. Being in a controlled facility ensures greater quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the construction. Also, it requires less storage and less components, thus reducing the construction cost and time.

A recent


Research by McKinsey & Company suggested that modular construction could cut timeframes in half , while also reducing costs by 20percent. McKinsey estimates that this manufacturing method could earn as much as $130 billion in US as well as European market by the year 2030. providing around $22 billion in savings.

Accepting the return of prefab structures could have an impact that is transformative upon one of the biggest sectors of the world. Through the expansion of sustainable housing, the top executives and investors are betting on the possibility to shake up the real estate market and address the homelessness and housing crisis.

Top full-stack startups in this field are focused on doing exactly that. By utilizing the most advanced technologies for automation, they seek to make it easier for people to access eco-friendly and affordable houses and make even more components off-site. This includes shipping ready-made and “off-the-shelf” units with little to no modifications.

Modern prefabricated structures are being used in modern applications.

Prefabrication is the best choice to structures with repeating standard elements, commercial-sized buildings are specially suited to transform and scale manufacturing. Implementing new software for building models will allow developers to mass-produce walls, bathrooms that are volumetric and kitchens offsite.

The concept of residential units that are also called additional housing units (ADUs) also known as vacation homes are also viable due to innovative construction. The most favorable aspects for this new area is the evolving laws of the federal government, for instance California’s recent decision to ease the approvals of ADUs to address the housing problem.

A leading construction company that is modular in its activities

Leading companies




Capital put into




Key modular construction growth metrics


Investment in capital (TTM)

^ 74.49% YoY


Median deal size (TTM)

^ 420.16% YoY


Median post-valuation (TTM)

^ 202.14% YoY

Modular construction companies that are trending

Mighty Buildings

  • HQ: Oakland, CA
  • Management: Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, Co-founder CEO, Board member and CEO
  • The latest funding is $22M. in the early stages of VC (July 13 2021)

Mighty Buildings’ 3D-printing technology and automated platform was created to help make housing affordable. The company’s patent-pending technology and robotics and automation allow builders to construct quality smart housing structures that are of high-quality at cost-effective prices.


  • HQ: Las Vegas, NV
  • Leadership: Greg Ehlers, Chief Operating Officer
  • The latest funding is $50 million, Crowdfunding (November 26 2021)

Boxabl is a producer of modular factory-built homes that are created to cut down on home ownership costs. The company specializes in creating specific rooms within a precise manufacturing environment, while reducing costs of construction, allowing customers to buy houses for less money.

Plant Prefab

  • HQ: Rialto, CA
  • Management: Steve Glenn Founder, chairman and CEO
  • The latest funding is $30.0M Later-stage VC (August 3rd, 2021)

Plant Prefab is a company that provides custom-designed single and multifamily home services that are designed to construct high-quality, sustainable and custom homes that are sustainable and high-quality. Their innovative prefabricated building method reduces the time needed to build and helps minimize the negative impact construction has on water, energy, and other resources.

The most of the investors who are active in construction modular

Khosla Ventures

  • HQ: Menlo Park, CA
  • Modular construction investment: 11
  • The last date for a deal is February 2022

In 2004, the company was founded. Khosla Ventures is an investment firm that is based within Menlo Park, California. The firm is seeking investments into companies that are in the early stage of development, operating in health and financial services large data and agriculture, sustainable energy, food robotics, web and clean technology.

Y Combinator

  • HQ: Mountain View, CA
  • Modular construction investment: 6
  • Date of last deal: February 2022

Established in 2005, Y Combinator was founded in 2005. It was founded in 2005 and is an accelerator company with its headquarters at Mountain View, California. The company is a preferred investor into B2B products and services such as education, consumer healthcare, real estate , financial technology, construction industries, as well as the public sector.

Alumni Ventures

  • HQ: Manchester, NH
  • Modular construction investment: 5
  • The last date for a deal is February 2022

In 2014, the company was founded. Alumni Ventures is an investment firm that is with its headquarters within Manchester, New Hampshire. The firm oversees fund families which invest in businesses that are diversified across sectors stage, stage, and region and is led by other established venture companies. There are locations in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco.

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