66 Black founders and investors to watch in 2022

The VC industry is remarkably homogenous, long due to its lack of representation and diversity. In 2018, only 3 percent of US venture capitalists were Black as per the

2021 NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey

. There’s a significant shortage of capital investment going into Black-founded companies as well. TechCrunch has published an article

that Black women founders are especially that are impacted

by a lack of funding opportunities–receiving just 0.27% of all US VC dollars.

Since the beginning of time the venture capitalists have been under increasing pressure to

Diversify their portfolio of companies

and investment teams that include Black and other groups of people of color, women and. in 2020, this discussion was revived as protests took place around the globe due to the police murders of many Black Americans. In the wake of its shocking absence of diversity, actors across VC

He pledged to reduce the racial inequalities and disparities in the field.

In 2022 this list of Black investors and founders to follow celebrates just a tiny percentage of Black entrepreneurs and pioneers creating change within their industries, communities and beyond. Its list, which has been expanded between 53 and 66 investors and founders this year, has familiar faces as well as some new faces. For more information on the criteria to be included on the list or how to nominate an application to be a Black investor or founder for inclusion in the next update, go to the bottom the article.

Black founders in edtech

They are creating new ideas across the

Technology for education

(edtech) space, an industry segment that involves companies that develop software and hardware solutions that enhance teaching methods and improve student learning outcomes. Always essential, the solutions being developed in this field were most required in recent years in which hybrid and virtual learning has become essential. In the initial 10 months in 2021 investors invested $13.8 billion to edtech startups.

Dr. Johnetta MacCalla

Co-founder and CEO of

The developer of inclusive educational technologies to meet the needs of children with different abilities.

Chris Bennett

Co-founder and CEO of


A Bay Area-based network of innovative early education programs that make sure that every family has access to top-quality preschool education.

Joanna Smith

Founder and CEO of


, a chatbot program designed to cut down on chronic absenteeism and increase the success of students. Utilizing AI, the company’s virtual advisor is available 24/7 through automated two-way texting, actively sending nudges , and using the knowledge base of its users to ensure that each family and child receives appropriate support at the right moment. The company was named as one among Forbes 30 Under 30, Smith directed the engagement of families in child development, as well as personalized learning research in schools throughout The East Coast.

Black founders in fintech as well as blockchain

Fintech (fintech) firms make use of algorithmic, internet-based, blockchain as well as software technology to provide or enhance the financial services that are traditionally offered by banks. Fintech entrepreneurs and investors are still reaping the benefits of a rapid growth in digital transactions. In in the initial three quarters of 2021 fintech — one of the many industries monitored by PitchBook–crammed nearly the entire decade of exits in just nine months. To dive deeper into fintech, download our Q3 2021 Emerging Tech Research: Fintech report.

Sheena Allen

Founder and CEO of Atlanta-based

, a mobile-based banking and fintech company that has the goal of restoring trust and give everyone an equal opportunity to develop and increase wealth for everyone.

Joe Beard

Co-founder of Dallas’


Fintech platform that offers banks advanced, automated solutions to enhance the credit score of loans, and provide more flexibility in underwriting.

Trevor Rozier-Byrd

Founder of

, an early-stage startup on a mission to attack the racial wealth gap by empowering a new community of Black investors–specifically Black millennials and Gen Z. The app was launched in the first quarter of 2022. the app blends already-constructed portfolios that are based on risks, educational resources and behavioral nudges to combat the widespread underinvestment and lack of banking for Black individuals within the US. Prior to forming Stackwell Rozier-Byrd, she worked for firms like



Tavonia Evans

Founder of

Blockchain and cryptocurrency startup that was created to enhance the economic voice that is the Black community of Greater Atlanta and beyond.

Jerry Nemorin

Founder and CEO of Oakland-based

A lending platform created to help people free of financial burdens and repair their credit, and get an opportunity to start over.

Boris Moyston

Co-founder of

as well as New York City fintech startup

A platform that is designed to simplify, diversify, and make seed money more accessible to everyone.

David Potter

Co-founder and CEO of


, an SaaS lead recovery platform based out of Denver which helps loan marketplaces and lenders grow their accounts by reclaiming the applicants they rejected.

Michael Broughton

Co-founder and CEO of


A free platform that lets users create credit using non-traditional payment methods such as


Rent and subscriptions. Perch also has an extensive library of financial literacy content to help educate and empower the millions of Americans who are not banked or not served by traditional financial systems. After being refused a loan to pay the costs of his college tuition due to a low credit score or past history, Broughton founded his startup to provide a first-generation approach to build credit and repair it.

Angel Rich

Founder of

healthy life



A game which teaches children about managing their credit, business and personal finance via games.

Black founders of entertainment and media

The founders in this category are active in the production, distribution and sale of entertainment-related products and services–which can include everything from movie theatres and production companies to record labels. Media startups and their founders aim to spread information, entertainment and news via various channels, such as television networks as well as print and digital magazines and gaming platforms.

Travis Montaque

Founder and CEO of New York City’s

Group Black

A first-of-its-kind media group and accelerator that is rooted in the development of black-owned media properties.

Kyle Banks

Co-founder along with Andre Jones of

The Tenth Magazine

The bi-annual publication chronicles the culture, history aesthetics, and ideas and ideas of The Black LGBTQ community.

Erika Alexander

Co-founder and CEO along with Ben Arnon of

Color Farm Media

A Los Angeles-based developer and producer of content for films streaming, TV and podcasts that promotes underrepresented voices in the media.

Morgan DeBaun

Founder and CEO of


Media platform focusing on the diverse life of Black Generation Y.

Black founders in healthtech

These companies are part of the fastest-growing sector of healthcare: health technology AKA health technology. The startups in this area may be part of both retail and enterprise as well, with the former being the one that PitchBook analysts forecast will see a record amount of VC investments in 2022. For more information on these subjects take a look at Q3 2021 Emerging Tech Research: Retail Healthcare report or the Qu3 report on 2021’s emerging Tech Research: Retail Healthcare report, or it’s report on the Q3 of 2021’s Emerging Tech Research: Enterprise Healthtech report.

Ade Adesanya

Co-founder and President of Los Angeles’

Moving Analytics

A digital cardiovascular rehab and preventive program that is delivered through mobile devices along with health-related coaching.

Crystal Adesanya

Founder of

Kiira Health

, the Los Angeles-based telehealth service that focuses on the issue of women’s health inequities.

Maya Hardigan

Founder and CEO of

, a

A digital health platform that is culturally sensitive

which connects Black pregnant mothers with vital resources that can improve results from their pregnancy. Based at New York City, Mae is in partnership with states and healthcare payers to tackle the huge gaps in healthcare outcomes of mothers for Black mothers throughout the US. Prior to the founding of Mae by 2020 Hardigan worked at


for over a decade in strategy as well as platform and innovation roles in strategy, platform and innovation.

Derrick Miles

Founder and CEO of


The company is based in Dallas and offers complete concierge service of healthcare services and products to homes, condos hotels, offices and other.

Kevin Dedner

Founder and CEO of

, a

mental wellness company which prioritizes culture

with regards to the way it delivers the self-care and therapy.

Nathalie Walton

Founder of

A subscription-based platform for sleep and meditation for expecting, hopeful and expecting parents. Based at New York City, the company claims to be a sanctuary of holistic support for mothers and moms, offering empowerment by reducing anxiety, and creating a communities to tackle the health crisis that affects millions of people in the US. Prior to the founding of Expectful at the end of 2020 Nathalie had worked for Silicon Valley startups for more than a decade including Airbnb, Google Shopping and eBay.

Bea Arthur

Founder and CEO of

The company is based in New York City. It’s an technology that makes use of AI to connect clients with licensed, live therapists via app, phone or smart device.

Kimberly Huggins

Co-founder of

A New York-based company that offers workshops and consulting for Black women on topics such as sexual health, pleasure consent, and many other topics related to health and sexual wellness.

Black founders of foodtech


Insect-based food items


fermented fungi are high-proteins and have been used as a source

in soil research and the diversion of food waste The founders mentioned in this article are working on items and solutions that influence the way we grow as well as what we buy and consume. For more information on subjects relevant to foodtech, look out PitchBook’s

Q3 2021 Emerging Tech Research: Foodtech

report that outlines the latest opportunities in foodtech , as well as highlights of companies.

Zuleyka Strasner

Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based

Zero Grocery

It is a non-plastic online store that provides fresh, top-quality groceries and other everyday items with wholesale prices throughout California’s Bay Area and Los Angeles using glass jars that can be reused to cut down on the amount of waste.

Riana Lynn

Founder of Austin’s

Journey Foods

It is a SaaS as well as AI-powered system that is designed to help food businesses create and manage their healthy food products.

Lisa Dyson

Founder and CEO of

Air Protein

The creator of an alternative meat technology that was designed to make protein from carbon dioxide, a common element in. The process that Dyson has developed to create air-based meat can take hours, not months, from the elements that are found in the air that we breathe. Dyson is also co-founder and chairman of the Board of


A startup company that makes use of NASA-inspired technology to convert carbon dioxide into usbio-friendly products that are sustainable for the planet.

Jasmine Crowe

Founder of


A food waste diversion service which tracks the surplus of an organization’s food items from collection to donation, and provides environmental and social impact report analytics.

Kellee James

Founder and CEO of


A market data service as well as an online trading site for non-GMO, organic, and certified agricultural commodities located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Black founders of beauty, skincare and hair care

The founders of this category are creating products and services that support people’s self-care journeys, from on-demand haircuts and vegan cosmetics. If we feel and look the best, we’re more able to be ourselves and be the best version of ourselves in everything. They know this! They also recognize the massive market opportunity beauty has–in 2021, there were 258 beauty industry VC deals brought in $2.46 billion in capital in accordance with PitchBook.

Tracey Pickett

Founder of


A rainwear company with its headquarters in Atlanta which combines style and purpose for keeping hair dry as well as safe against the weather.

Darren Tenkorang

Founder of London’s


The first mobile app powered barbershop that delivers high-quality haircuts directly to your door with a cutting-edge barbershop located inside the back of a van.

Songe LaRon

linkedin link

CEO and Co-founder of

Squire Technologi


Dave A. Salvant

A payment and booking platform which connects people to great barbers around the world. Headquartered in New York City and founded in 2015, Squire is also a management platform for barbershops–allowing them to engage their customers, process bookings and payments and manage inventory. Forbes featured both co-founders in 2021, highlighting that the previous finance professional and the corporate lawyer who was formerly employed quit their jobs to create Squire.

an app that has been hugely successful for barbershops


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