Although small and tiny, mobile phones are also used to make calls.

Although small and tiny, mobile phones are also used to make calls.

(I’m not referring to calls via WhatsApp), as well as a host of other things. But what if you can’t answer the phone? There are several factors that can affect the ability of our device to perform this function.

If you want to know the cause and solution of this problem, I invite you to continue reading, where we will face this or other issues related to this problem that can put us by the used to.Check the activity of the Phone application
Remembering the cache is one of the most common problems in running many applications, especially when they don’t properly manage old records and all they do is collect more or less information.

In the case of the Phone app (Android), it only stores information about the phone, along with the time and date. At a certain time, the application can stop working correctly and not only does not allow us to pick up calls but also to do so, which means that the app is useless.

A rare way to fail to solve this problem is to stop the application process by scheduling applications. In this way, it will be restarted, but the data maintenance is included without deletion.Repeat the machine.

Restart the table

The first thing we should do is when our device doesn’t allow us to pick up calls, as well as when we encounter any unusual problems. restart our machine.

In this way, we will make the system work properly, remove any requests from memory and close any systems that have been open and may affect the fourth. activities.

To restart the device, you must press and hold the screen off key for a few seconds until two options appear on the screen: restart and close. Click restart and wait a few seconds for it to start completely.

If after restarting our device,

Although small and tiny, mobile phones are also used to make calls.
smart phones android phones mobile phones

the cell phone still doesn’t allow us to answer calls, we move on to the next part.Remove any new attachments
If you regularly install any app that passes close to your phone, more than that one of them affects the performance of the device, so you need to remove the latest information we installed since we are aware of this problem when picking up phones.

The problem is not with the application itself, but also that developers have to create applications that work on a large number of different devices and seem to work well on some models or compromises. their full performance.

Update your device to the latest update
Repeat the machine

The other thing we have to consider is when we can’t answer calls when we have an update waiting to be installed on our device.

Apparently, after the last software update, some servers have problems answering calls, so the first thing we should do is check if there is an update. waiting.

If so, we need to download and install it on our device to check if the problem appears when trying to pick up phones that have already been deleted.

use seawalls
If none of the different options I showed you in this article work, we can use a latter to check if our terminal screen is real or not.

Seawalls, such as radios, include a microphone, a microphone that we can make and answer calls without having to make physical contact with the device.

In this way, we quickly check whether the problem our phone is displaying is related to a faulty display or, however, it is an installation problem, presumably with the detection of other solutions did not work, which would force us to recover from the beating.

all wire fences They are the same,

so they don’t have to come with your device when you buy them, although they are always best. Because the ball jacks are all the same, there are no different types of 3,5mm jacks.

Likewise for wire seawalls, they all work the same way no matter how cheap or expensive.

Protective cover the wall mount for mobile can be of different types and characteristics. If a frosted glass wall starts to fall off at the edges, it is a sure sign that it means a lot more is needed.

A lack of a good level of protection can be detrimental as well as to the entire operation or part of it, so you should remove it from the device to check if it ends up being damaged. solve the problem when we want to download a phone.

Turn on auto -answer
If you don’t have a headset or a wireless headset in your hands, another way to check why our device doesn’t allow us to answer calls is to activate auto answer.

Most of the buttons involve a function in the calls section, a function that allows us to configure the function of the calls so that, after a while, the answer is made using the device speaker.

use your help

The next option we need to check for the cause of this problem is to use our voice assistant to answer the call, although this option depends heavily on the manufacturer’s standard network, since it is not allowed. us by some manufacturers to get help when we are in a conversation.

Sort the screen
sort your Android
If you haven’t sorted the screen of your Android phone, it seems like the time has come. Depending on the version of Android you have, you can customize whether or not you need one of the different applications available in the Game Store.

Android 5.0 or earlier
This Android version includes in the command list an option that allows us to check the activity of the screen and, if the issue arises, we can also adjust it.

Android 6 onwards

In this case, in the configuration options you do not have an option to help you adjust the screen of your device and we have to go to the Play Store.

One of the best apps available in Touch your rating is an application that has very good ratings and is also available for free download. It does not include advertisements or any other type of sales.

Touch your classification
Touch your classification
development: RedPi Software
price: free
Set the screen on iOS
Apple doesn’t allow us to have no non -national or other applications in order to index the screen, so it’s not an option we can think of to resolve. has this problem.

Return your device as a last resort
The last option, if the last one, we have before going to a specialist screen replacement service, is to recover the machine from scratch.

This system completely erases everything we have stored as well as requests and settings. You should make sure to make a reservation before doing this, as there is no return.

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