Meet 5 NFT investors expanding the horizons of digital art and gaming

Nonfungible tokens or


They are among the fastest-growing types of digital assets, and have potential applications in areas like gaming, art and music as well as social media. Because of their blockchain integration, they can be an individual, unique possession that can be utilized across an ever-growing collection of integrated apps and services.

NFT investing is a possible cryptocurrency revival

NFTs have led to an emergence of cryptocurrency as well as digital asset, with individuals who are both within and outside the financial world interested in the best ways to invest on NFTs and where this technology will take us in the near future. This trend isn’t solely for traders. The new definition of what could be transformed into an asset that is digital has developers and entrepreneurs looking at the possibilities of tokenization, and challenging traditional definitions and norms.

A majority of the attention given to NFTs has been focused on one-off projects, collaborations and purchases creating the narrative of NFTs as collectibles, however, there are many companies who have more of a long-term view. Startups are constructing applications and infrastructure that connect NFTs to add value and utility to the broad range of products currently available on the market.

Big actors in NFT investing

A third and crucial element of an NFT ecosystem, besides NFT creators and the people who build initiatives around them is those who invest money into the market. We define as an NFT investee is not simply an entity that purchases individual NFTs however they could be able to do so however, rather an entity which invests in NFT companies or initiatives. Below are a few of the most successful investors, according to the amount of deals, which include NFT companies as a large part of their investments.

Animoca Brands

  • Year of the year Year of birth: 2011.
  • Leadership: Robbert Yung, CEO
  • Total NFT investments The total NFT investment is 65

Animoca Brands

is an Hong Kong-based mobile game publisher and developer, with a focus on the field of blockchain and gamification. They have been involved in licensed projects for companies like Disney, WWE and Formula 1. In addition , they have created proprietary digital assets, such as REVV Token as well as SAND Token, they have also invested in more than 150 projects that relate to decentralization and NFTs.

AU21 Capital

  • Year of the year The year 2017.
  • Leadership: Alexi Nedeltchev, Kevin Leu, Valeria Kholostenko, Principals
  • Total NFT investments Total NFT investments: 43

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA,

AU21 Capital

It is an VC firm that is focused on projects in artificial intelligence and blockchain. They augment their venture capital investments by collaborating with industry launchpads and exchanges to offer additional support. One of the common themes in their investment portfolio are NFT gaming and integration with Metaverse.

Genesis Block Ventures

  • Year of the year Year of the year: 2020
  • Leadership: Christian Ng, Principal
  • Total investment Total investments: 34

Genesis Block Ventures

It is an VC company that is based within the Cayman Islands in the United Kingdom. They prefer early-stage projects related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In their time in this field they have been involved in projects such as mining for cryptocurrency, over the counter trading, and currently host an

NFT gallery

with the pieces they have invested with pieces they have invested.

NGC Ventures

  • Year of birth Year of birth: 2017.
  • Total investment Total investments

NGC Ventures

is a Singapore-based company which employs traditional financial practices to invest in cryptocurrency. The company was started with Erik Zhang, a co-founder of the NEO blockchain initially, they were committed to supporting NEO-related projects however, they have expanded their focus to the wider blockchain industry. Their main focus areas include decentralized computing gaming and decentralized financial services.

Exnetwork Capital

  • Year of birth The year is 2018.
  • Leadership: Christian Ng, Principal
  • Total investment total investments

Exnetwork Capital

It is an VC business and incubator devoted to supporting crypto and blockchain startups. They put a lot of emphasis on decentralization, democratization, and access to blockchain which is evident by their backing of distributed and anonymous teams. The Exnetwork Capital’s NFT investments are generally connected to gaming integration and the development of games based around tokenized assets.

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