Top 10 new US unicorns by post-money valuation

We post the annual list of top unicorn companies in America by post-money valuation to celebrate National Unicorn Day, April 9. Unicorn companies are private startups valued at over $1 billion.

According to PitchBook data, the US had 607 active unicorns as of March 31, 2022. 75 unicorn debuts have been made since the beginning of the year. Through Q12022, US unicorns have raised $27Billion in capital through 134 deals.

But, of all the US unicorns that have been established in 2021 or 2022 (sofar), only ten have risen to the top in terms of their massive post-money valuations. Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of these startups.

The US’s Top 10 Most Valuable New Unicorns

*According PitchBook data as at March 31, 2022. Data is subject to change


Unicorn date: December 20, 2020

Most recent post-valuation: $17.5B

Year of foundation: 2009

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Miro’s visual collaborative platform gives cross-functional teams the tools to communicate and connect effectively. The cloud-based program allows designers, managers, agile coaches, marketers, and other professionals to securely collaborate on one digital whiteboard regardless of their location. The company raised $400 million in Series C funding through ICONIQ, with the participation of 10 investors.


Date for the Unicorn: January 27, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $12B

2003 was the year of its foundation

Headquarters: Roseville, California

Goodleap is a financing platform that offers consumers affordable financing options to help them live a sustainable life. It offers home renovation loans, home loan refinance, home purchase loans and solar loans. This allows people to build their dream homes while saving money. Goodleap recently raised $80million in venture funding through a deal that was led by WestCap Group and New Enterprise Associates.

Fanatics Trading Card

Unicorn date: September 29, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $10.4B

2021 is the year of its foundation

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Fanatics trading cards is a platform for baseball trading cards and a sports commerce business that includes gaming, betting and media business units. In a Series A venture, the unicorn startup raised $350m. It was co-led by Silver Lake and Insight Partner. To expand the trading card collection for collectors, the recent funding round will be used in creating a sports platform.


Unicorn date: April 12, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $11B

Year of foundation: 2011

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Kraken is a trading platform that offers trading and cryptocurrency exchange. The company offers a blockchain-based financial infrastructure which reduces system costs, shortens payment processing times, and allows financial businesses to process large amounts of data in a very short time. The company raised an undisclosed amount in February from 2B Global Capital, and Venture Gar.

Digital Currency Group

Unicorn date: November 1, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $10B

Year of foundation: 2015

Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut

Digital Currency Group is a venture capital company that invests in fintech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain companies. The group was founded by Barry Silbert, an ex-investment banker. It manages a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries that includes crypto leaders like Grayscale, and CoinDesk. Unknown investor purchased a stake in the company from SoftBank Group, Tribe Capital, and other investors for $700 million in Nov 2021.


Date for the Unicorn: August 8, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $8B

Year of foundation: 2018

Headquarters: New York, New York

Fire blocks developed a blockchain security platform to protect digital assets. It allows block-chain traders to protect their digital assets by securing transactions across all exchanges, wallets, custodians, and counterparties. The patent-pending chip isolation security keeps them available while making them secure. The company received $550 million in funding from Index Ventures, Capital Partners and 15 other investors.

Similar industry vertical

Decentralized finance (DeFi), a new technology sector, removes banks, brokerages and other intermediaries from financial transactions. This new sector is designed to accept cryptocurrency. It uses open protocols and decentralized networks and allows users to become custodians for their own assets. This space is home to companies that develop open lending protocols, investing platforms, prediction markets, and other blockchain-based alternatives. Download PitchBook’s Q4 2020 Emerging Tech Indicator report to learn more about the DeFi sector. It highlights 15 of the most prominent VC firms that have made early and seed-stage crypto deals.


Date for the Unicorn: January 26, 2022

Most recent post-valuation: $8B

2020 is the year of foundation

Headquarters: Berkeley, California

FTX.US has created a simple crypto exchange that allows traders and institutions to buy, sell and store bitcoins, ethereum and other digital assets. FTX.US’ mission in 2019 is to expand the digital currency market, provide a platform for traders to trade and store bitcoins, ethereum, and other digital assets. In early 2022, the startup received $400 million in Series A funding from Paradigm and Multicoin Capital.


Unicorn date: November 18, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $7.1B


Headquarters: New York, New York

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that also acts as a custodian. It is designed to allow users to store, buy and sell digital assets. It makes it easy to search the digital assets market, purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and to build a portfolio that will last. Gemini is the first crypto platform to pass both the SOC 1 Type 2 (and SOC 2 Type 2) examinations. These exams evaluate financial operations, reporting, and confidentiality controls. The company has raised $400 million in Series D funding from Morgan Creek Digital Assets.


Date for the Unicorn: July 28, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $7B

Year of foundation: 2013

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Datavant provides a platform for protecting, matching and sharing health data. The company helps organizations organize and structure healthcare data in order to improve clinical trial design and interpretation. It also assists with privacy protection and connecting to the largest national data ecosystem. Datavant received development capital in July 2021 from Roivant Sciences and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Cigna Ventures, Transformation Capital, Goldman Sachs Group, and other sources.

Similar industry vertical

Companies that provide healthtech services offer mobility and other information technology to improve healthcare while decreasing costs. This vertical also includes the use tech services to optimize patient-centered healthcare such as Datavant’s. In our blog post, we explain what healthtech means and how it differs from medtech. We also discuss the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare across the US. Blockchain integration has been a popular option for securing patient data and other data in the telemedicine and health tech industries. This topic is now being discussed in our blog.

Black Unicorn Factory

Unicorn date: May 20, 2021

Most recent post-valuation: $6.10B

2020 is the year of foundation

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Black Unicorn Factory provides startups with a pathway to growth and an opportunity to get an IPO within one year of graduating from the program. Through its Pre IPO Startup Accelerator program, the company prepares small-business startups to be on the New York Stock Exchanges. Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act). Barter Ventures led venture funding of $420 million for the company in May last year.

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